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Global Seminars

Global Seminars are interdisciplinary, theme-based courses designed to provide students with a broad understanding of several of the contemporary challenges facing humanity, using economic, social, political, scientific, moral/ethical, philosophical, and other approaches.

Each seminar presents a range of diverse perspectives in a variety of formats, including interactive lectures, visiting speakers, small- and large-group discussions, field trips, and student-driven projects. While Antioch College faculty organize the seminars and present on some issues, many of the presenters come from outside the immediate community and may include visiting faculty, journalists, recognized field experts, and the like. These courses are specifically designed to integrate Antioch College’s long tradition of applied liberal arts learning with its socially conscious values and mission.

As a complement to the thematic courses in the Global Seminars, Antioch College offers students the opportunity to continue research interests they have developed in their Global Seminars through courses titled Continued Studies in Global Seminar (GSC). These courses, offered only with instructors’ permission, allow interested students to engage in projects, research, and field work relevant to a Global Seminar topic they have already studied. These courses do not count towards the general education requirement, but they can fulfill elective credits or become part of a self-designed major.

Recent Global Seminars

Fall 2016

  • Global Seminar: Diversity and Social Justice

  • Global Seminar: Divided States: Dialogue Across Difference

Winter 2017

  • Global Seminar: Participatory Education

  • Global Seminar: Borders, Borderlands, and Border-crossing

Spring 2017

  • Global Seminar: Food, Farming and Resilience: Integrative Learning on the Antioch Farm

  • Global Seminar: Food: Global and Local Challenges

Summer 2017

  • Global Seminar: Global Seminar: Sustainability Through Participatory Action Research

  • Global Seminar: U.S. Foreign Policy: the Geopolitics of Empire

Recent GSC Courses

Winter 2017

  • GSC 210: On Eating, Thinking and Cooking

  • GSC 210: Action-Research on Participatory Education

Spring 2017

  • GSC 210: Moveable Feast: A Community of Food

  • GSC 210: Reskilling: Gender & Self Reliance

  • GSC 310: Critical Pedagogy Practicum