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Language and Culture Program

Antioch College offers courses in French, Japanese and Spanish.

Students satisfy Antioch College’s language and culture requirements by achieving the required proficiency, not simply by taking a certain number of classes. On average, however, a student who comes to Antioch with no prior language experience should expect to take the number of courses and credits listed below. In certain cases, students may need to take more or fewer credits to achieve the required proficiency. Extra credits for additional language are taken from the open credits in the elective credits pool. Similarly, credits for language courses not needed once the proficiency level is reached are added to open elective credits.

Language and Culture Credits for Degrees
Degree Type BA BA BS BS
Language Track 1 yr 3 yr 1 yr 3 yr
Language and Culture 14 36 14 36

Minimum Requirement

All students are required, at a minimum, to achieve Novice-High oral proficiency in the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) in a second language. Antioch College currently offers study opportunities in French, Japanese and Spanish. In order to achieve Novice-High oral proficiency most students will take approximately one year, or 14 credits, in the chosen language. During the second quarter of their first year at Antioch College, students develop an individualized language-learning plan with a language faculty advisor.

Typical One-Year Language Plan
Type of Course Number Credits Total
Introductory Language 3 4 12
Online Language 1 2 2
    Total 14

Most students will meet the minimum language requirement by achieving Novice-High in the OPI in any foreign language in which they have competence. Students with an OPI certificate of Novice-High or higher dated less than one year from matriculation at Antioch College meet the minimum language requirement.

Bachelor’s Degree with a Language Focus

Students have the option of pursuing more advanced language learning leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree with a language focus. This program of study includes the completion of one language immersion co-op, a Capstone project and the OPI exam.

Students who choose this path will develop an individualized language-learning plan that includes the necessary coursework to achieve Intermediate-High proficiency in Spanish or French, or Intermediate-Low proficiency in Japanese. This option typically means three years of language study, or 36 credits, for students who begin their language experience at Antioch College.

Students who arrive at Antioch with significant language study background can earn a degree with language focus by completing at least two 300-level courses for a minimum of 6 credit hours total. One of these courses must be face-to-face and the other must be the Capstone.

Typical Three-Year Language Plan
Type of Course Number Credits Total
Introductory Language 3 4 12
Intermediate and Advanced Language 5 3 15
Online Language 3 2 6
Language Capstone 1 3 3
Immersion Co-op 1
    Total 36


The language faculty at Antioch College recognize that placement is a complex matter that takes into consideration a series of skills that pertain to language proficiency. Students may have areas of strength and areas that need improvement. Therefore, language placement includes a grammar, reading comprehension, writing, and oral placement examinations. All students must go through the placement process prior to beginning their first course in any new language at Antioch College.

Students with limited or no previous language experience in the language they will study at Antioch must start their language studies in their first quarter. Students who place in levels higher than Language 110 may begin their language studies when the course in which they have placed is offered, but this must be done in conversation with their academic advisor, co-op advisor, and language advisor, since taking courses off sequence with the chosen language track can potentially conflict with co-op sequences. Students who, by placement, cannot begin their language studies in the first quarter they are at Antioch will have opportunities to maintain their language skills by participating in all of the activities the language program has in place to engage students outside of the classroom.

More advanced students who place in the 300 level are encouraged to continue studying the same language and to qualify for the 3-year equivalent language focus to their degree, but may opt to satisfy the minimum language requirement according to the steps described above instead. Students who are able to place in the 200 level or higher in a language other than the ones offered at Antioch should discuss their options with the language advisor, since advancing in courses in such languages will require cross-registration at SOCHE affiliated institutions. Cross-registration has extra requirements and may not be logistically feasible. Students should not automatically expect to be able to pursue any language that is not currently offered by Antioch College, but language advisors will aid in the process of achieving all realistic student language-learning goals.

Placement is mandatory for incoming students and for students wishing to add another language to their study, but is also used as the method for ensuring the proficiency-based nature of the program.  In the event that a student falls behind in the language sequence, the student must discuss their options with the language faculty, and may have the option to retake the placement test.  Antioch College does not accept the results of placement exams administered at other institutions.

Normally, all language placement tests occur during new student orientation.  In the event that a student is unable to complete the placement exam during the regular orientation time, the student must work with their language advisor to complete the placement exam by the end of the first week of the student’s first study term on campus.

Language Learning Off Campus

Because language learning requires constant maintenance and reinforcement, students must complete language courses even over their coop terms for as long as they continue their language study.

Language professors will work with academic and co-op advisors to develop and coordinate assignments and to find appropriate work placements and experiences that involve target language use, when possible.

Fallback Option for first year language requirement. If any student is twice unable to demonstrate, in an OPI test, the expected language proficiency for the one-year language track, then the satisfactory completion of all 100-level courses (110, 120, 130 and 140) of the chosen language will satisfy the language requirement. This does not apply to students with documented learning challenges who have been exempted from the language requirement. This fallback option is not available to students who choose the tree-year track.

Language Credit by Examination

Students may qualify for placement into higher-level language courses on the basis of foreign language placement examinations administered by Antioch College.  Antioch College does not accept credit by examination in languages from other institutions.  Credit for lower level courses may only be awarded when the student completes an appropriate higher-level course with a minimum grade of B. Students may qualify to receive up to a maximum of 14 credits by examination. These credits count towards the maximum number of credits a student may transfer to Antioch College (for current limits on credit please see the “Transfer of Credit” policy in the current catalog). Students may request credit by examination for language courses only once during their time at Antioch College. Credit by examination is only available in the languages that Antioch College currently offers. Students who wish to use this opportunity to earn language credits should speak to their language advisors during orientation.

In order to take advantage of this policy, students should:

•   Obtain a copy of the Credit by Examination Form from the Office of the Registrar.

•   Complete the form and return it to the Office of the Registrar by the third week of the study term following successful completion of the appropriate level course. This form will require the signature of the coordinator of the language program and the appropriate academic advisor. For example, a student who places in Language 140 could receive credit for Language 130, Language 120, and Language 110. For additional information please see the chart below.

Credit Earned by Examination Placement
Language Course Number into which student places Course number(s) for which student receives credit Credits Awarded
110 None 0
120 110 4
140 110, 120, 130 10
210 110, 120, 130, 140 14
230 130, 140, 210, 220 11
240 140, 210, 220, 230 12
320 220, 230, 240, 310 10
330 230, 240, 310, 320 11