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Preserving and recording our history is an essential element in building the future of Antioch College. Antiochiana began as a collection of historical artifacts gathered by College librarian Bessie Totten, Class of 1900, who served the College for 41 years. Among its impressive collection, Antiochiana includes the papers of Horace Mann and Arthur Morgan, used for academic research by scholars from around the world.

After more than a century, Antioch College remains committed to careful stewardship of this critical College resource. If you have questions regarding the archive or wish to support its preservation with the pledge of a capital or planned gift, please contact us at 937-319-0111.

Songs from the Stacks  News from Scott Sanders, Archivist

When journalist John Palmer Gavit (1868-1954) visited Antioch College in 1923, it was still in the early  stages of the reorganization of Arthur E. Morgan; the students his revolutionary new program attracted would not graduate for another three years. Reprinted here is a digest of three articles he produced from that visit, during which he lived among the students. Like so many of the reporters covering the Antioch of the... › MORE

From the Department of “Do I Have To Do Everything Around Here?” comes Franklin William Hooper (1851-1914). Born on a farm near Walpole, NH, Hooper attended Antioch College in the 1870s where he swept floors and rang the College bell for extra cash, but finished school at Harvard in 1875. There he studied under famed scientist Louis Agassiz, doing a year of post-grad that included a scientific expedition to the... › MORE

Nancy Nooks’ letter to Horace Mann is perhaps the most delightfully misspelled piece of correspondence in the collections of Antiochiana. Impassioned, angry, absolutely incomprehensible in places and oddly perceptive in others, her letter is prompted by an incident at Antioch College in (we think) 1857 reported to her in the Cincinnati Commercial Gazette. A group of Antioch women had attended Chapel services wearing garb more... › MORE

For obvious reasons, this month Stacks sings a love song composed, arranged, and performed by a young Horace Mann. In the summer of 1830, he was a rising 34 year old Boston attorney and an ambitious member of the Massachusetts State Legislature. Charlotte Messer, the subject of the piece, was the youngest daughter of one of the most significant people in Horace’s life to that point, Asa Messer, president of Brown University, 1802-... › MORE

No aspect of American life escaped the impact of the Great Depression, especially the Christmas holiday. Life at Antioch College in the 1930s was certainly no exception: cooperative education jobs dropped left and right as unemployment rose to a paralyzing 25 percent and employers had to decide whether or not the few jobs they had left went to students or the heads of increasingly needy households. More and more students withdrew as... › MORE

Fact, fiction, and football factor in to this month’s Stacks. Tis the season, after all (for football, anyway), and all were topics of discussion at the November meeting of the Yellow Springs Historical Society in a program put on by your archivist. Fact and fiction was YSHS’s annual theme for 2014, and there is plenty of the latter to work with when it comes to Antioch College.For decades Antiochians held the mistaken... › MORE