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Bias Incident Report Form

This form may be used to report a bias incident and/or hate crime. The information collected on this form will help track the frequency and nature of bias incidents and hate crimes impacting the Antioch College community. Based on the information provided the institution will pursue an investigation and take corrective measures to the best of its ability. When appropriate, relevant Antioch College policies, like the Discrimination Policies, will be applied. Reports will be reviewed by the Office of Community Life.

You may enter your name on this form or you may report anonymously. Anonymous reporting, however, may impact the College’s ability to respond to or pursue appropriate action against the accused person(s).  If accused person(s) are named the College is obligated to follow-up with that person even if a report is made anonymously.

Contact Information for person providing report, if anonymous please leave blank:




Thank you for completing this form.