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Antioch Learning Collaborative Workshop Series, Winter 2019

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The Learning Collaborative is a public program of Antioch College to expand education opportunities to our surrounding community.

Antioch Learning Collaborative is pleased to offer the following workshops to the public in the winter of 2019.
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  • Cancellations of registration within a week of the program start date by the attendee are non-refundable. Registrants will be refunded if the workshop is canceled due to low enrollment. Workshops must have at least five participants. Registration must be completed by the first day of the workshop.
  • Please note that these are non-credit bearing opportunities and financial assistance is not available.
  • For questions about the workshops and registration, please contact Hannah Spirrison, Antioch College director of innovation and institutional effectiveness, at 937-319-0128 or

Class Guitar Instruction – Beginner

Jan. 9 - March 6

Students learn the fundamentals of guitar playing in a supportive, non-threatening class setting, where they can blend into the group and enjoy taking part in music making. The course content includes identifying the parts of the guitar, building a basic chord vocabulary, grouping chords into key groups, playing basic strum patterns, reading tab and chord diagrams, identifying open strings and frets by note name, and the basics of blues guitar. Students must supply their own instrument.

  • Instructor: Kevin Mulhall
  • Cost: $85
  • Schedule: Wednesday, 6:00 – 6:50 PM for 9 weeks, Jan. 9 - March 6
  • Maximum Enrollment: 10
  • Location: Joe Cali Room, Olive Kettering Library (Campus Map)
  • Open to participants 16 years and older.

Group Voice Instruction

Jan. 12 - Feb. 9

The goal of this workshop is for you to learn to sing better and to enjoy doing it. It is suitable both for beginners and for those who have sung for some time but would like to hone their technique. We use fun warm-ups to learn basic vocal techniques (singer's breathing, the use of “shout” muscles, how to open the throat to negotiate the "break"), and we sing simple folksongs to practice the techniques. Skills gained may include increased vocal range and volume, improved breath management, accurate intonation, and a happy heart. Each session provides attention to the individual voice as appropriate and desired. Prerequisite: ability to match pitch (If I sing a note, can you sing the same note? If you don't know if you can, come Saturday, Jan 12 at 1:15 and we'll figure it out.)

  • Instructor: Bev Logan
  • Cost: $50
  • Schedule: Saturdays, 1:30 – 2:30 PM for 5 weeks, Jan. 12 - Feb. 9
  • Location: Rockford Chapel (Campus Map)
  • Open to participants 15 years and older.

Individual Voice Instruction

Starting March 16

Individual voice classes for participants in the group voice class who would like to continue their vocal studies. 

  • Instructor: Bev Logan
  • Cost: $150
  • Schedule: Weekly ½-hour individual sessions for 5 weeks, starting March 16, time arranged with instructor 
  • Location: Rockford Chapel (Campus Map)
  • Open to participants 15 years and older.

Voice-Over Basics

Feb. 11 to Apr. 1

Voice-Over Basics is an introduction to voice-over (“VO”) performing and acting behind the microphone. Students will learn what types of VO jobs are available (commercial, narration, animation, et. al.) as well as get an overall understanding of how to pursue a VO career. Attention will be paid to definition & genres, demos, professional protocol, marketing & resources, with some time spent on microphone placement & recording technique. Home recording studio set up and auditioning will also be addressed. A syllabus for what is to be discussed each week as well as handbook will be distributed.

  • Instructor: Teri Clark Linden
  • Cost: $360
  • Location: McGregor 147 (Campus Map)
  • Schedule: Mondays, 6:00 – 9:00 PM for 6 weeks, Monday, Feb. 11 to April 1. No classes on 2/18 or 3/25.
  • Maximum Enrollment: 10
  • Open to participants 18 years and older.